November 22, 2014


I heard
I was wanted,
though for what 
I couldn't say,
given only a simple
as if I didn't
need to hear
any more;
just this one reason,
relayed by someone
I once knew,
repeated to me,
in a voice
without anger,
a message offered,
I was told, so someday,
I might still
be with you.

November 19, 2014


I arrived
without a clue,
not knowing
how families work,
like water running
over stone,
wearing it down,
smoothing each edge,
until it's gone.

You made me feel
like I belonged,
seeing how
I couldn't care
for myself,
on my own.

When the time
came to leave,
you held my hand,
said it was okay
for me to go,
so I'd forget
I'd be traveling
all alone.

November 16, 2014


They were right
about the wind,
blowing hard now,
early this morning,
well before
the sun is due.
The blinds are moving,
sometimes touching,
making love,
it's nothing new.
If I were still sleeping,
they'd fill my dreams,
it's no one's fault
what they do.
We'll fall into
restful sleep,
wait for the sun;
it'll be here
in an hour
or two.

November 13, 2014

Lost & Found

Someone said
I'd been found,
somewhere no one
had searched before,
even though
I'd left a map,
drawn a line
showing my exact location,
just in case
anyone was still looking,
though now the lines
are old and faded,
barely legible,
unless you know
just where to look,
and exactly what
you're looking for.

November 10, 2014


The night's nearly over,
as we spin away 
from the moon,
safe in our cocoon
of darkness.
Your alarm
pulls me back
from my dreams.
On snooze,
it finds me again
without mercy.

Wind moves
across the patio,
our sliding door open
to the other side
of the dark,
where souls
of the departed 
are waiting,
wondering when
we will emerge
fully grown,
for a deeper silence
than the one
we have found
on our own.

November 6, 2014


The house is silent,
relieved we're going,
our furniture
will be sold
in second-hand stores;
everything else
we're leaving behind.

Each room 
echoes the past,
who was saved,
who's been betrayed,
how someone is thought
to be out of his mind.

Our mail
is addressed
to an unknown name,
envelopes marked urgent,
please respond,
anxiously awaiting
your reply.

The postman gives me
another look,
wondering if
I am who I say,
if the letter he holds
can really be mine.