July 26, 2014

Night Song

I hear birds
at five AM,
the sun must be shining
somewhere, again.

Songs so pure 
aren't what they seem,
I'm not sure
what they mean.

Each bird sings
at the end of night.
I hear one still, 
beyond my sight.

He sings alone,
just for me,
I'll follow him
to eternity.
He carries me off
at break of day;
why he sings at all,
I cannot say.

July 23, 2014

Change of Heart

I didn't expect
you'd be here, waiting,
like my mother
picking me up
from school.
But I have a plan
for the rest of your life,
think we're ready
for a brand new start.

I suppose
you could be right,
I have no proof
beyond a reasonable doubt.
I just feel better
when we're together,
and miss you so
when we're apart.

Everyone I know says
we look good,
could be such
a perfect couple.
The road ahead
seems clear, to me;
we're only waiting 
for a change
of heart.


July 20, 2014

Walk of Stars

On the Walk of Stars
I find them,
some newly placed,
some covered
with old gum and grime,
right next
to the street fair artwork
showing portraits
while in their prime.
There's Frank Sinatra
singing sad songs,
and Dinah Shore, 
in her Chevrolet.
Where they've gone,
I cannot say,
their famous voices 
long ago stilled,
rest among nobodies,
just down the road.
Only their names,
forged where I stand,
are all that's left,
in this barren land.


July 16, 2014

Just As If

I don't know
what makes me
think of you,
something I hear,
a reminder
of what
you might do.
But there's
your face, 
back in my 
morning mirror,
then your voice
saying my name,
so clear.
Your eyes
always take me
by surprise,
just as if
you were 
still alive.

Every time
you suddenly appear,
I don't know where
you're coming from,
wanting more space
to live
inside my head.
I can't seem
to close this door
for good,
without forever
seeing you, instead.


July 12, 2014


I know
how sleep
is sure to find me,
leaving nothing
to chance
in its wake,
my mind blank
as I lay so still
in bed,
for the longest night
of all, 
when I will rest 
until I do not awake, 
waiting always
for the summer 
and the fall.


July 9, 2014

Past Due

The young widow
next door
checks her mail
every day,
wondering why
the world
cannot be more kind,
why after so many months
her husband
continues to get bills,
requesting immediate payment 
while there is
still time.

She thinks 
she should forward this 
to the place
he now resides,
while she quietly carries
his child inside;
but she knows
she will just 
send another check,
not ready to explain again
why he's no longer here,
why he won't be needing
they provide.