October 30, 2014


We start off at sunrise,
everyone moving
at his own speed,
some faster,
some slower,
all of us looking
much the same.

The road flows
like a stream
beneath us.
We count every mile
as our own,
riding far out
into silence,
leaving no trace
of where we've gone.

After more than
a hundred miles,
we finally return;
through the desert
and back again,
none of us now
looks the same.

Our starting point
has been abandoned,
no one in town
recalls who we were;
we've become 
perfect strangers,
remembered only
in months and years,
recorded upon
the chiseled stone.

October 27, 2014


Way out here,
on the edge of nothing,
where everyone comes
from Somewhereland,
I keep checking
my rearview mirror, 
until I see someone
traveling near.

I seem to know him
better than I know myself,
I tell him to go 
while he still can,
all the way back
from where he came,
before the sun sets
on his name.

I'm slowing down now,
no one's following in my wake.
He's passed me by,
with a plan for his escape,
but I know better
from where I stand;
no one gets out
of Nowhereland.

October 23, 2014

Catching You

Even though
the world is round,
and people walk
upside down,
it seems so flat
when I'm 
hitting on you,
your curve jumping
in and out
of sight,
leaving me looking
all through
the night.
I won't ever
hit your high
fast ball,
won't be able
to catch you,
after all.

October 20, 2014


The mailman approaches,
his truck full
of trumped-up bills,
come-ons, flyers.
I've grown old, 
awaiting his arrival.
Each day, he brings
new requests
for my attention:
Do Not Discard!
The Courtesy
of a Response
is Requested.

He stops
at my box 
on the street,
bearer of bad news,
still thinking
it's not personal.
Come closer, I say,
open me up, unfold
my most secret page,
see if I still remember
the reply
you're looking for.

October 17, 2014


They are not 
what they seem,
appearing unannounced 
in our dreams,
looking almost well.
when we first
see them, 
they are simply
playing dead, waiting
for the right moment
to let us in
on their secret,
knowing we are
not ready for what
they want to show,
will never understand
until we take the vow,
are initiated
into the brotherhood,
with more than just
this pledge of sleep,
as they know
we surely will.

October 14, 2014

Breaking Up

Looks like
it was easy
breaking up with me,
just another 
dropped toy
left behind,
really not that much
to trouble your mind.

Now I'm 
all patched up,
can't help but miss 
your lovely touch.
Friends all say
I'm looking tired,
speaking softly,
like someone's been fired.

Still, not even you
will ever get
what happened,
will never know
how I felt so free,
when I heard the message
you left for me.