November 30, 2015

Just Someone Else

I was asked where
I thought I was going,
what destination
I had in mind.
I studied maps,
left a trail of crumbs
to lead me home,
was lost for years
before I began
to find my way,
Now I've arrived,
it seems impossible
I didn't know
this was the place
I was meant to find.
How could I have missed
this sign so many times,
not seen you waiting,
thought you were
just someone else,
I'd left behind?

November 26, 2015

Nobody Knows

I awaken
almost every night,
the crescent moon rising,
looking in shadows
just for me,
pale imitation
of what
she used to be,
still trying to learn 
how to light up the dark,
though for those
who look,
she has so much
more to say,
than the too bright sun,
who in his haste,
will blind us all,
one day.
We've always hung
on her every word,
forever suspecting
her secretive pose,
impatiently waiting,
for her to reveal
our one true love,
though how she does,
nobody knows.

November 23, 2015

Wind or Rain

The sound comes again
late into the night.
I can't tell 
if it's wind or rain,
but at least I'm dry,
safe and sound,
surrounded by
this cocoon of mine,
sheltered away
from wind and sky,
in this sealed domain
where I'm all alone
in the deep and the dark.
No one will notice
how still my heart,
or where I've gone,
well into the night
of another day.
Everyone knows
it's okay by me,
if I stay here
for eternity.

November 19, 2015


You have moved on
from the house
we once knew,
with its big blue eyes,
closed-up doors,
stopping intruders like me
from coming and going.
Its rooms provide
a new definition of empty,
my footfalls sounding
in the basement below,
as I wander the bedrooms
way upstairs, looking
for some tangible token
you might have left behind
in your rush to get me
out of your mind.
Any old bone
would surely do,
I still wonder whatever
happened to you.

November 16, 2015


I return to the clinic,
but they've forgotten
my name. I fill out
more forms, do my best 
to explain.
Over and over,
they ask who I am.
I'm not in their computer,
I try to remember, 
thinking as hard as I can.
Maybe this time they'll fix me,
they must have a plan.
I'm just hoping my pain
will have not been in vain,
it's a small price to pay
to know I'll finally endure,
to feel better again,
when they've at last
found a cure.

November 13, 2015

Nothing At All

The old clock
without any hands
hangs in my room,
keeping a time
I cannot see,
ticking a tick
I cannot hear,
marking my nights,
measuring me.
In its stillness,
it knows what will
happen and when,
far better than
those down the hall,
which make time up,
as if they were timing
nothing at all.