June 26, 2011

Not You

Long after,
I thought I saw you once 
at a distance,  
but it was not you.  
I thought your voice  
came from a room 
full of voices,  
but it was not 
your voice.  
With a start  
I felt your touch 
in the night, 
but it was not 
your touch. 
Then I heard 
you were gone,  
and my life felt like  
a fool's errand,
gone down a wrong turn,  
looking for you 
without knowing  
I was looking,  
finding always someone else,
but not you.
As from a dream 
I awoke where I began  
before I met you. 
But who whispered my name,  
and cried  
when the taxi pulled away;  
and who is
in my empty hands now,
if not you?