July 15, 2011

Driver's Ed

When I first taught you
how to drive,
we both slipped in behind 
the wheel, hoping 
to learn quickly,
but our bodies held us hostage,
making unreasonable demands 
in a language 
we did not yet understand.
We drove in this foreign land, 
without signs for Slow, 
Yield, and Stop,   
going way outside the lines,
off-road, unlicensed,
heavily under the influence,
desperate to learn 
the driving art 
for the first big test
in a driven world.
How will I pass, you said. 
if we keep going like this?
You will pass because 
you have mastered 
the difficult and subtle part,
I said. The man will
see the strength in your eyes,
the miles in your heart,
the knowing way
you hold the wheel.