March 19, 2015

Two Short Love Poems

Gift Box

You left behind
a small red box,
which was supposed
to be yours,
and yours alone.

No, you wrote,
it's really for you;
go ahead, open it up,
you'll see
it's nothing
I could ever own.

There it sat
waiting for me,
months and years
after we were through.

On a shelf,
it's waiting still,
a reminder of how
I once waited
for you.

Dream Lover

In my deep sleep,
a car alarm
goes off far away.
Maybe it's you
heading this way.
Light slowly seeps
into my darkened room,
flooding my sleep,
arriving too soon.

I hear your voice
saying my name,
feel your touch,
it's always the same.
I know you might be
just part of a dream.
I tell myself,
I can't keep seeing you,
this way, again.